Are you a researcher, policy maker, policy adviser, decision maker, or any other actor within the research uptake cycle? These policy briefs have been developed by various authors worldwide and will provide you with knowledge, experiences, and lessons learnt in bridging the gaps in research uptake for various health research areas. Feel free to view and download these resources freely. 


Knowledge into policy: Going beyond ‘Context matters’
A conceptual framework on better interaction between knowledge and policy.


Evidence Use for Improved Sanitation
The role of civil society in promoting the use of evidence in strengthening the sanitation sector in Ghana.


Improve Data & Accountability for Girl and Women
Explores the critical contributions of data and accountability to gender equality


Using Evidence in Policy and Practice 
How policy makers, researchers and development practitioners can improve development outcomes and practice?


Case for Investing in Research to Increase Access to and use of Contraception Among Adolescents
Why governments and donors should invest?

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