Effective research uptake requires that the relevant people and organisations be invited and involved in the project in some way. Stakeholder mapping informs who these groups are and how to engage with them. This helps to understand who these groups are, why they might be interested, how important their involvement is, and how to engage with them in a way that can contribute to successful research uptake. ARCH’s stakeholder mapping process has developed the following tools and resources to share our experiences and to help others undertaking similar exercises.

A stakeholder mapping exercise was conducted in March 2020. Do you want to see who the key stakeholders are and what results we found?

Read The Stakeholder Mapping Report 2021 >> 

Stakeholder Engagement for ARCH

Identifying and involving individuals and groups to inform success in research uptake


Stakeholder Mapping Tool for ARCH

Practical step by step exercises for stakeholder mapping and analysis in research uptake