Led by a team based at icddr,b in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the aim is to drive and seek wider engagement with teams across the region to illustrate and promote the studies and research uptake strategies, planned and underway.

Providing information, resources and updates by the Asian networks and pan-Asian organisations who work in health research uptake.


Developing a Policy Statement and Recommendations for Pakistan’s Ethics Review Framework and IRBs in Support of Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response

This  project is set to assess the practices and procedures of ethics review during public health emergencies for health-related research in Pakistan. The project includes key decision makers, including members of the National Bioethics Committee and IRB members as well as policymakers, researchers, regulators, health professionals, and community and patient representatives. This project consortium is reviewing, discussing, and generating a policy statement and a set of recommendations intended to develop policy and guidance. The project is also intended to lead to the development of a Forum for Ethics Committees in Pakistan (FECP) to continue the ongoing development of ethics review practices in Pakistan.


Key stakeholders for research uptake in Asia

These stakeholders were identified during a stakeholder mapping exercise by the ARCH programme in March-April 2021

Key Links to Asian Organisations

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center | Association of Medical Doctors Asia | Ministry of Health Singapore | National Health Commission China

WHO Regional Offices for the Asian continent

WHO Western Pacific  |  WHO South-East Asia  |  WHO Eastern Mediterranean  |  WHO Europe

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