The Global Health Network launches the Applying Research to Policy and Practice for Health (ARCH) Knowledge Hub.This Hub aims to bring together researchers, policymakers, policy networks, implementers, civil society organisations, the media, and other organisations to facilitate knowledge exchange, coordination and collaboration for the uptake and application of research findings into policy and practice.
If research is to deliver its maximum impact and positively change health outcomes, findings from health research should be translated into recommendations that can be implemented within policy and practice.
There are a number of factors that inhibit the translation and use of research evidence. Currently there is wide separation between teams that undertake health research, those making decisions on health priorities and policies, and those who are delivering healthcare, particularly in resource-limited settings. Research considered “successful” typically concludes with the publishing of papers. Less attention is paid to how, and indeed if, those findings are made visible and accessible to those tasked with decision-making.
Those working in delivering health care are often not aware of new interventions and have no means to determine if they would bring benefit to their community. Such health interventions could be novel treatments or new approaches to practice and prevention that would serve to address their local health priorities. Health researchers, decision-makers and implementers need to work together better to ensure that research evidence can be taken up into policy and practice at all levels. 
Previous efforts to enable taking research into practice have typically been short-term focussing on a single intervention or product for a specific disease. As a result, this work was not well-established or embedded into programmes or institutions. Together these factors represent barriers to the implementation of proven interventions, treatments and vaccines which ultimately limit the potential benefits to human health. 
The ARCH Knowledge Hubs aims to create a community of practice that can address the gaps in research uptake to both conduct research to better understand this landscape and develop the associated mechanisms to bridge these gaps. It will build on proven and existing systems that successfully bring global health organisations together to create efficiency and strong impact by facilitating knowledge exchange, active coordination and collaboration.
The ARCH Knowledge Hub includes: 
Virtual Workspace Get involved in dialogue around evidence generation and sourcing, and access the latest information on research and policy at national, regional, and global levels.
Discussion Groups Collaborate with others by sharing information and engaging in discussions on various issues related to translating health research findings into policy and practice.
Stakeholder Engagement Find guidance on how to identify, analyse and involve relevant individuals and organisations during projects to contribute to successful research uptake.
Target Policy Profile A tool that has been developed to facilitate dialogue around evidence needed to support policy decisions before, during, and after evidence generation.
Toolkits Find toolkits targeted for researchers, policy makers, policy advisers, decision makers, and other actors to facilitate research uptake.
Policy Brief Find policy briefs summarising knowledge, lessons, and experiences in translating health research findings into policy and/ or practice.
The Arch Knowledge Hub is co-funded by Wellcome and the UK Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) through the National Institute for Research (NIHR) using Official Development Assistance (ODA) funding.